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Increase insight and regain balance for your amazing writer-self.

What is holding you back? What is standing in your way? What would help you fill your writing journey with joy, support, and abundance? Identify your needs and refill what has been depleted so your writer-self can thrive.

As writers, we all have needs from time to time. But we can often become so absorbed in our day-to-day that we lose sight of what has become depleted. 

Sometimes, the best gift we can give our writer-self is to step back and take inventory of what we need in order to be and write our best. 

Take inventory of you as a writer. Discover what you need in order to find joy in writing... to be nurtured, confident, and inspired... and to be supported and empowered to step forward toward your goals. 

This FREE printable self-assessment helps you identify what you need in order to be and write your best. 

Gain instant access now:

This self-assessment is a valuable gift to your writer-self — and you're worth it!

What to Expect

"Self-Assessment for Writers" is a free printable PDF with three simple steps to help you determine what your writer-self needs right now. The assessment takes you through six major focus areas to help you identify your needs: self-care, joy, inspiration, clarity, confidence, and support.

The self-assessment takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. In that time, you'll answer a series of 18 questions, rate your responses, and then create a visual representation of your score, which serves as a gauge of what you need to focus on. This short assessment is as enjoyable as it is insightful. Many writers use it on a regular basis to maintain awareness of their needs as they step forward on their paths. 

A Powerful Step on Your Writing Journey

The free self-assessment is a wonderful way to gain insight into what your writer-self needs in order to be and write your best. Once you know what your needs are, you can
use your insight to focus on the specific areas you need most. We have many resources and materials to help you regain balance and improve your relationship with your writer-self, including:

-Courses to help you gain confidence, boost joy, and increase self-care.
-A retreat that helps you increase connection and gain support for your writer-self.
-Resources including guided meditations, activities, and writing prompts.

We welcome you to use our resources to empower yourself to create a writing path that is filled with joy, balance, confidence, and support.

Note: If you already know what your writer-self needs most,
get started filling your needs

What Others are Saying

"This is a fantastic tool. I have been feeling stuck for a while and this has helped me to gain some much-needed clarity. And I love that it only took a few minutes. Well worth the time investment!" ~Melissa R.

"Another great resource from you (For the Writer's Soul). Thanks for all you do for writers. I am getting more in tune with my writer-self every day" ~Isabelle W.

"Thank you for the wonderful self-assessment guide! Not only did it help me zero in on an area I could use to give a little more attention to, but it was also fun, revealing, and beautiful."
~Chris H.

"For the Writer's Soul's guide and the corresponding resources have helped me deal with my lack of confidence as a writer. I realize now that I do have something to say, and it is valid and worthwhile!" ~Barb B.

"A great resource! This guide has helped me realize that my writer-self has needs and it's important to invest in myself so that I can fulfill my potential. This has been a big shift for me, and I'm feeling so much healthier and confident because of it. This is my go-to for maintaining a healthy relationship with my writer-self. Thank you!" ~Emily V.

"I appreciate the visual representation of my writer-self that the Self-Assessment produced. I always learn and absorb better with visual guides. The assessment only took a few minutes and gave me a lot of insight." ~Allison M.


Get Started Now

Use the For the Writer's Soul Self-Assessment to identify your needs so you can refill what has been depleted — and your writer-self can thrive. It is a valuable gift to your writer-self (and you're worth it!).

This FREE printable self-assessment helps you identify what you need in order to be and write your best. 

Gain instant access now:
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