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The Self-Care Toolkit for the Writer's Soul is a special collection of resources to help you replenish your writer-self and restore your vitality. A fillable workbook, downloadable activity book, and guided meditation support and guide you in the fine art of increasing self-care for your amazing writer-self.

You have great ideas and a beautiful light within you, but if you feel depleted, it can be hard to shine your light.

Replenishing your energy levels and restoring your natural vitality is an important part of your journey as a writer and it's well within your grasp. 

The Self-Care Toolkit for the Writer's Soul guides you through planning and action to help you welcome self-care into your life, giving you the nurturing care you need to thrive. 




  • Self-Care Workbook

  • Self-Care Activity book

  • Self-Care Meditation


  • Lifetime access via online course platform


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This collection of materials includes an insightful workbook, a nurturing activity book, and a guided meditation designed to help you restore what has been depleted and revitalize your amazing writer-self... so your brightest light can shine.

If you need to make a commitment to provide your writer-self with the self-care you need...

If you could use help creating a plan and holding yourself accountable...

If you could benefit from helpful tips, enjoyable activities, and insightful writing prompts...


This is for you! The Self-Care Toolkit for the Writer's Soul helps you make positive adjustments, take action, and create new routines so that you can move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be. By following the guide and incorporating the materials into your life, you can provide your writer-self with what you need to thrive.

What's Included:


Use this fillable PDF to set your intention, track your actions, and reflect on your progress to increase self-care for your amazing writer-self. The workbook includes helpful prompts and opportunities for reflection. Print it out or fill it in online — and feel free to re-use it week after week until your self-care has been boosted and your writer-self is balanced.


Use this collection of heart-led activities and writing prompts to deeply, naturally, and positively nurture your amazing writer-self. The downloadable PDF contains 21 activities and seven writing prompts. Think of it as a recipe book that can help you incorporate self-care into your life according to your needs and plans.


Use this five-minute audio meditation anytime you need help aligning and opening your heart to more self-care. It is a nurturing tool to help you increase self-care for your amazing writer-self.


Lifetime access to all the materials so that you can access and use these resources over and over!

How it Works

You will receive instant access so that you can start increasing self-care today. All materials are yours to keep and available to access (and return to) whenever you need it.

First, you will make your way through a fillable workbook to make a commitment and a self-care plan. You'll then start making use of daily activities (and tracking your steps along the way). The guided meditation is yours to use to help your writer-self and align with self-care. Many writers benefit from listening to it first thing in the morning or at bedtime, but please feel free to use it anytime it feels right to you.


We recommend dedicating at least 20 minutes per day for a minimum of seven days, but many writers choose to spend longer. You will have lifetime access to all the materials, and we welcome (and encouraged!) you to return anytime.

I'm Melanie,

melanie-guide-teacher-For the Writer's Soul

Founder of For the Writer's Soul 

As a writing teacher, coach, and guide, I have spent over 15 years helping writers discover and embrace their amazing writer-selves. I have worked with thousands of writers from around the world, helping them overcome blocks, connect with their truth and purpose, and gain the self-care they need to step forward. I created the self-care toolkit to help writers receive the care they need to be and write their best. I welcome you to access the Self-Care Toolkit for the Writer’s Soul and see what it can do for you.

Get started increasing self-care

Increasing self-care is an important step in setting yourself up for success – so that you can nurture the amazingness of who you are and shine the beautiful light you hold within. Sign up for the Self-Care Toolkit for the Writer's Soul and begin increasing self-care today.

Every step you take is a valuable gift to your writer-self  and you're worth it!

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