Discover your amazing writer-self. (40).

If you’re driven and compelled to write, then write you must... and write you should. Embrace and cultivate your amazing writer-self. No matter what the outside world says.

"Retreat for the Writer's Soul" is about dispelling the myths and hurdles that hold you back, learning to acknowledge and accept your writer-self, and choosing to truly and deeply express your truth.

In this nurturing, inspiring online retreat, you’ll take a journey of healing, appreciation, and inspiration. Over the course of two weeks, you’ll learn to become more authentic, free, and inspired to speak the truth you hold within you.

"Retreat for the Writer's Soul" has helped hundreds of writers from around the world. If you could use support and inspiration to connect with your truth and (re)discover your amazing writer-self, we welcome you to join us and see where the journey leads you!

DATES: January 9 - January  22

TIME: 30 minutes a day 

COST: $75.00 USD


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Your Guide: Melanie Steele

Melanie has been guiding writers through "Retreat for the Writer's

Soul" for eight years. She holds a Master's degree and has over a dozen years of teaching and coaching experience. Her combination of support, guidance, and inspiration helps lead you through a powerful journey to become the writer you can be and the life you can have. Email Melanie


A Gift to Yourself

Most writers are impeded more by lack of self-esteem than by lack of talent. The truth is that it's hard to make it as a writer, and the hurdles writers face often beat them down and make them lose their way.

  • If you love to write, but you're uncertain if you should...

  • If you're discouraged by feedback you've received or fearful of feedback you might receive...

  • If you feel lost about your path and wonder if you should continue writing...

This is for you! It's a safe place to come, retreat, and explore... to find yourself, your passion, and your voice... to rekindle your love of writing and embrace the writer you can and should be.

Topics We'll Cover:

"Retreat for the Writer's Soul" is a special mix of instruction, guidance, and self-discovery. Each day will offer informative insights, inspiring meditations, creative prompts, and action items to incorporate concepts into your life, helping you transform your relationship with your writer-self over the course of two weeks. Topics include:


We often focus on the negative rather than appreciating the positive. Together, we'll shift the focus to what you have accomplished, and we'll celebrate the amazing talent you hold within.


What does it mean to be successful, and what does it mean for you to be a successful writer?


Writers tend to give a lot of themselves and often don't get much in return. We'll learn to nourish and nurture ourselves to regain our strength.


What inspires, motivates, and moves you? We'll tap into that to find your authentic voice and bring it to the surface.


What do you want to say? What do you really want to say? We'll uncover your authentic truth and use it to inspire your writing.


Together, we'll go through a journey of self discovery and transformation to support and inspire you to be the writer you're capable of being!

Retreat Philosophy

We believe writers are important. They have been essential throughout history, and they are especially important today, in this turbulent world. Writers have the power to make people think, feel, and move. They have the potential to heal, inspire, and lead people through important changes. 

Unfortunately, writers are often beaten down by the coldness of the world. Many are discouraged, and some even turn their backs on writing.


This is a place for writers to retreat, recharge, and empower their writer-selves to do what they need to do, and say what they need to say, in order to create the lives they're meant to live.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe in you. You are important, and what you have to say matters.

  • Retreat for the Writer's Soul is a safe place to do something good for your writer-self. Heal, recharge, and inspire.

  • We support you. You are not alone. There are many like-minded people who are on the same journey.

  • You deserve to take care of yourself. Writers give a lot and rarely receive. Retreat for the Writer's Soul is an opportunity to take care of yourself.

What to Expect

Every day for two weeks starting Sunday, January 9, you’ll log in to the retreat. Think of it as a coffee break, a little time for yourself. Pick a time, preferably in the morning, and commit to meeting daily.

Every day when you stop by, you’ll be introduced to a new discussion topic, and you’ll listen to a guided mediation that will help you align and connect. You’ll then have a task to complete at your convenience, and we’ll share and discuss the progress we’re making as we go along.

This retreat is a safe place, where we respect and encourage each other. It is a place for you, and you are always welcome. I am here to guide and support you during our time together.

What's Required?


Decide to put aside thirty minutes of your time each day to invest in yourself through this course. That is all it takes to transform your relationship with your writer self. You don’t need to clear your schedule or abandon your obligations. Just set aside thirty minutes a day to join us in this safe place, and allow yourself the opportunity to transform into the writer you can and should be. Note: You can stop by for 30 minutes each day at whatever time works best for you. While the morning is preferred, as it allows you to start your day on the right track, the time of day is ultimately up to you. The door is always open! 


As we go through our two weeks together, we will be listening to a series of guided meditations. Each one is only five minutes, but you'll need to spend the entire five minutes in a quiet spot where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. Maybe that spot is at your computer... or maybe you know of a great spot outside. You decide. Just make sure you'll be comfortable and undisturbed for the full five minutes as you listen to the audio.


We ask that you come to "Retreat for the Writer's Soul" with an open heart and mind. Be willing to explore and discover. Think about the material we cover, complete the tasks every day, and be open to becoming happier and living more in line with your truth.This retreat is an investment in yourself... and it's worth it!


What Others Have Said

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to experience and grow from your beautiful retreat. This has been my favorite writing retreat. The meditations, metaphors, and reflections were simply enlightening. Thank you!" ~Glenda Izumi, retreat participant October 2021

"Thank you Melanie for providing this retreat, for your insight, for your words of hope, of encouragement. For believing that I can do this, that we all can do this! I have thoroughly enjoyed this retreat! Peace to you!" ~Chris Gal, retreat participant October 2021

"Thank you, Melanie, for this wonderful training. It helped in more ways then you will ever know!" ~Pamela Lemaster, retreat participant October 2021


"Retreat for the Writer’s Soul is an online course that only takes 30 minutes a day and you can participate at a time to suit you. Unlike so many online courses, the other participants were very open and encouraging in the feedback they gave to my posts and those of other participants. However, no-one could have been more responsive or encouraging than our course leader, Melanie. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is feeling emotionally stuck with their writing. The daily exercises encouraged us to find our self-writer and cherish it so it could come out to play and help us craft words that really matter to us and their intended audience. Thanks Melanie" ~Tina Allen, retreat participant July 2021

"I have a habit of signing up for multi-session classes but half-way through the classes, I quit. This was not the case with "Retreat for the Writer's Soul." I have recently completed Melanie's wonderful two week, virtual retreat. It was just what I needed to reignite my passion for writing and help me make a commitment to nurture my writer-self. Melanie's supportive responses and positive encouragement helped me stay committed to the course and grow as a writer. The ability to share responses with other attendees created a community of connection. I look forward to experiencing more of Melanie's wonderful writing retreats. It is an experience like none-other." ~Catherine Conway, retreat participant July 2021

"Halfway into this retreat for the writer's soul, I simply want to thank you for this incredible journey, these amazing meditations, reflections and tasks to reconnect and strengthen the writer self within me. I am so grateful for this retreat, so inspiring and soothing to the soul. And thank you so much for all your comments to my posts, so kind and lovely, very honoured by them." ~Elisabeth, retreat participant July 2021

"I loved everything about the retreat! I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for creating this beautiful retreat and for your gentle and wise guidance over the past fourteen days. Thank you for guiding us with grace, kindness, beauty, and wisdom! Thank you for encouraging us every single day by finding the right words. Thank you for building a beautiful community with your words, encouragement, and gentle care. I'm grateful that this retreat and your presence magically appeared in my life at the right time. This feels like one of those pivotal moments for my inner writer. Much gratitude!" ~Natalya Androsova, PhD, retreat participant April 2021

"I want to thank you for a writing course with a difference. The mediation initially helped me be at peace with myself, allowing all the ideas that I could write about each day. It released underlying stress and I was free to allow the creative juices to flow from within without any preconceived ideas. I will take time now to revisit the many words I wrote and believe me, I did write a lot of words but promised myself I would let them flow and at the end of the course re-visit." ~Mary Gorman, retreat participant April 2021

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the "Retreat for the Writer's Soul." It was engaging, fun and also took the writer's soul to the deep places. Each day's retreat was short and sweet, which I really appreciated, but within the short sweetness was the gift to remember and bring forth the writer's soul. And thank you so much for the scholarship. I would not have been able to attend and experience this beautiful retreat without it. And many thanks for sharing your gifts!" ~Deborah Ann Richman, retreat participant April 2021


"I cannot recommend this retreat enough to anyone no matter where you are in the process of writing something or becoming a writer. I was honestly shocked at some of the things I was able to write that naturally came through me. Most importantly, I have my writing voice back and I’m so excited to get back to being a writer!" ~Traci Dyer, retreat participant February 2021


"Retreat for the Writer's Soul is one of the least expensive but best investments I could have made in myself as a writer. Not only was it inspiring, it confirmed that to follow my passion to write brings a sense of freedom that every soul craves, regardless of the circumstances" ~Myrtle Russell, retreat participant February 2021


"I just wanted to thank you for the retreat, which has really been so helpful to me in determining my next steps in my writing." ~Holly Galbus, retreat participant February 2021

"The retreat was an amazing experience; confidence builder and therapeutic. I am glad I decided to invest in the experience." ~Tana S. Riley, retreat participant January 2021


"I thoroughly enjoyed the writer's retreat. It offered me valuable insight, as well as opening up and sharing my thoughts. I would recommend it to anyone." ~Rhonda, retreat participant January 2021


"The Retreat for the Writer's Soul is the first writing retreat that I have ever attended. It was the best experience that re-connected me with my craft and gave me the confidence to call myself a writer. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is a practicing or aspiring writer." ~retreat participant October 2020


"This is the most beneficial writer's retreat that I have had the pleasure to attend. Every single meditation, activity, and discussions were geared toward accessing the inner well that every writer aspires to but needs help in accomplishing." ~retreat participant October 2020


"The invitation to this retreat came at a time when I was trying to find a new path for my writing life. I'm so glad I made this a priority and grateful for the opportunity! It may have saved my writing career." ~retreat participant October 2020


"This was a life-changing experience for me. I gained more from this time here than I can express. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration." ~Alice, retreat participant

"I highly recommend Retreat for the Writer's Soul. Melanie is an excellent guide and the retreat is full of valuable information and exercises. I gained a lot." ~Becca, retreat participant

"I'm so thankful to have found Retreat for the Writer's Soul. I'm blessed to have met many fine people who I now consider friends and how each meditation, task and discussion (including others' comments) have opened several doors and windows to different levels of my writer's soul. It has been illuminating!" ~Carol Blake Sessums, retreat participant


Scholarships - Limited partial scholarships are available for those in need.

We work hard to keep “Retreat for the Writer’s Soul” affordable. We think you’ll agree the $75 course fee is very low for the amazing content, guidance, and inspiration you receive. As many past participants have noted, the retreat is invaluable, and the cost is worth every penny. We also have a few partial scholarships available, made possible by past retreat participants who wanted to help ensure that others could participate. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact Melanie at:

Why Participate?

"Retreat for the Writer's Soul" is an opportunity to become the writer you were meant to be. If you choose to take this journey, you'll set yourself on the path to a happier, more authentic, and more fulfilling life.

We know firsthand how hard it can be to take the step to investing in yourself. As writers, we're used to giving of ourselves rather than giving to ourselves. But it's worth it. You're worth it! 

What magic is waiting for you? What truth lives within you? How would it feel to step in line with your authentic voice and become the writer you were meant to be? Make an investment in yourself and find out what's waiting for you!

We Welcome You to Join Us!

Do something good for your writer-self & see where the journey leads you...

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Starts January 9, 2021 



Hosted by Ruzuku, a safe and secure online platform.

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