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For the Writer's Soul is here to support you on your writing journey

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We believe in you and are here to support, encourage, and step forward with you.

Our tools and resources are designed to nourish your writer-soul and support you on your writing journey. From free gifts to on-demand resources and guided courses and retreats, let’s work together to identify your needs – and help you fill them – so you can tap into your potential and encourage your gift to shine.

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Our goal  is to help you embrace your gift and empower yourself to step forward on your writing journey.

  • Realize the gift you hold within. Your amazing writer-self deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

  • Make a commitment. Recognize your needs and choose to meet them.

  • Act. Make adjustments and add what you need to your life in order to be intentional, focused, happy, and healthy.

  • Maintain your connection. Support and help yourself thrive.

  • Honor what you have to say – and your ability to say it. Speak your truth and shine your light.

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Let’s step forward together.

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We're here to help you fully embrace your amazing writer-self. Whether you need to overcome barriers, gain confidence, be inspired, feel supported, or simply boost your focus, drive, or commitment... we're here to help you equip yourself to step forward on your beautiful writing journey. 


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Founder and Guide

Melanie is an experienced writing teacher, coach, and guide who has spent over a dozen years helping people discover, embrace, and become their best selves. She has worked with writers from around the world, developing writing resources and leading retreats and courses. She founded For the Writer's Soul to support and guide writers to embrace their amazing writer-selves and step forward on their beautiful path. Contact Melanie: Melanie@forthewriterssoul.com