Born out of a deep need to support and nurture writers.

In her first year as a college professor, one of Melanie's students turned in a beautifully written essay. When she complimented the student, she was told that the student "used to want to be a writer." 

"You don't want to be a writer anymore?"

"I do," the student said, "but I don't have what it takes."

Throughout the semester it became clear that this student did have what it takes — she had things to say and an amazing light to shine — but she had been broken down by rejection and criticism, to the point where she had given up writing altogether. 

In speaking with fellow teachers and editors, Melanie realized that her student's story is all too common. And she realized that by pushing writers away and breaking them down, the world is losing out on experiencing the beauty and power of the words these writers hold within. 

In response, Melanie created Retreat for the Writer's Soul to provide a safe place for writers to transform their relationship with their writer-selves. Several times per year, she welcomes a new group of participants into the retreat for a 14-day journey of healing, discovery, and inspiration. 

In 2020, Melanie's husband Scott joined her to expand offerings to writers. Together, they launched Weekly Reflections for the Writer's Soul — free weekly meditations and writing prompts to help writers connect and inspire their writer-selves. With Scott's website assistance and technical expertise, For the Writer's Soul is responding to the requests and needs writers have. Currently For the Writer's Soul is developing focused courses that provide writers with the tools they need to let their amazing light shine. 

Through For the Writer's Soul, Melanie and Scott are using their teaching, coaching, writing, and technical skills to support writers to be their amazing writer-selves. 


We believe writers are important. They have been essential throughout history, and they are especially important today, in this turbulent world. Writers have the power to make people think, feel, and move. They have the potential to heal, inspire, and lead people through important changes. 

Unfortunately, writers are often beaten down by the coldness of the world. Many are discouraged, and some even turn their backs on writing.


For the Writer's Soul is here to support and empower writers to discover, heal, nurture, embrace, and inspire their amazing writer-selves. 

Guiding Principles

  • We believe writers are important and that what they have to say matters.

  • We're committed to providing safe spaces for writers to heal, explore, nurture, and inspire their writer-selves.

  • We strive to support writers to connect with the truth they hold within, strengthen their confidence, and step forward on their journey, empowered and inspired to speak their truth and let their amazing light shine.

Reach Out — We'd Love to Hear From You!


We are here for and because of writers! We welcome you to reach out with any questions, comments, or needs you may have. Please email: