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If you are a writer, you have an important path to walk. You have words to write and truth to share. You hold a beautiful gift within you that deserves to shine.


But, if you're like many writers, it's hard to get to a place where you fully embrace and believe in your writer-self.

"Affirmations for the Writer's Soul" is a 21-day course designed to help you become your biggest supporter and greatest ally. Over the course of three weeks, you’ll learn to trust in your abilities and empower yourself to step toward your dreams.

WHEN: June 10-30, 2024

TIME: 5 minutes per day

COST: $35.00 USD

WHERE: Online course

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Most writers are impeded more by a lack of self-esteem than by a lack of talent. The truth is that the writing path can be hard, and there are countless doubts, fears, and uncertainties that can get in the way. 

  • ​If you often catch a negative narrative running through your mind...

  • If you have a hard time believing in yourself...

  • If you could use a boost of encouragement to support you on your writing path...


This course is for you! It is a nurturing and empowering experience that reminds you of the beautiful gift you hold within and encourages you to step forward into your full potential. Over the course of 21 days (just a few minutes per day), you'll practice a short daily routine that helps you reconnect with your belief in your amazing writer-self.

How it Works

Every day for 21 days starting June 10, you'll receive an email with a direct link to the day's affirmation. The link is sent at 3 a.m. Eastern time (EDT) so that it's ready for you when you wake up (participants from New Zealand and Australia can receive the link and start the next morning). Please set aside 5 minutes to come in and listen to a recorded affirmation, practice with a guided video exercise, and leave with a written affirmation to carry with you and focus on throughout the day. 

Step by step, you will shift the narrative within you and set yourself up for profound results:


  • Believe in yourself. Realize that you hold a gift within you and that what you have to say matters.

  • Regain confidence in your dreams.

  • Reclaim your power to step into your potential.

You will have continued access to all the course materials, including all audio affirmations, video practice exercises, and the downloadable how-to guide to keep your practice going as you step forward. 

What's Included


Each day offers a guided audio affirmation and a video exercise. They are short and simple, but therein lies their power! By doing this step by step, day after day, you’ll empower yourself to step forward and shine your light. 


Learn to focus on positive truths and remind yourself of them regularly, thereby building a new narrative that empowers you instead of holding you back.


In addition to the 21 affirmations covered in the course, you'll receive a how-to guide that helps you write your own affirmations, thereby keeping your practice going. 


Continued access to all the course materials. Whenever you need a reminder or a pick-me-up, stop by. 

Course Philosophy:

"Affirmations for the Writer's Soul" is designed to help you become your biggest supporter – believing in your own abilities and empowering yourself to step forward toward your dreams and your greatest potential.

Guiding Principles:

  • We believe in you. You are important, and what you have to say matters.

  • You regain your power to step into your potential when you change the narrative you carry with you from one that limits you to one that supports and encourages you on your writing journey. 

  • You are meant to believe in yourself. This is an opportunity to reclaim your confidence and empower yourself to step forward and shine your beautiful light.  

When you believe in yourself, you’re able to lift yourself up rather than hold yourself back. You’re able to get the most out of your experiences, your efforts, and your life! You’re able to direct your attention to pursuing your potential rather than giving away your energy to battling negativity. It's a beautiful gift to your writer-self and you're worth it!

Missed our last affirmations?

Email Melanie to be notified when our next affirmations is scheduled.

What Others Have Said

"My heart yearns to write, but over the last several years I have allowed life to get in the way. THAT is about to change, and I am so grateful for your Affirmations, Retreats, and all you have offered to your followers to help us get back on track." ~Lisa W., Affirmations course participant 2023


"I can feel myself turning a big, important corner. I'm feeling more encouraged and hopeful than I have in a very long time. This is such a gift. Thank you!" ~Chris F., Affirmations course participant 2023

"I really enjoyed starting each day — every day — with the affirmation exercises! The daily experience of reading an affirmation that I had never read before was refreshing, and I especially appreciated the Affirming page where you shared a paragraph or two about the affirmation and how it relates to being a writer. Overall, the positive practice of beginning each day with a new affirmation helped me focus on my desire to further develop as a writer and how I choose to perceive myself as a writer. Thank you!" ~Lori D., Affirmations course participant 2023


"I took both your Affirmation and Writer's Retreat Courses. Each day I made sure to give priority, along with a quiet space for myself, to fully absorb your words. I got very used to your voice, both listening to the meditations, and in your writing! It was time and money well spent. I got so much from both courses." ~Sue B., Affirmations course participant 2023

"I love the Affirmations course, Melanie! It's a perfect way to start the day. Thank you!" ~Barb S., Affirmations course participant 2023


"I thoroughly enjoyed the “Affirmations for the Writer's Soul” course. The daily affirmations were fun and inspiring and they helped me to keep my writing front and center. Thank you for creating this course!" ~Carol H., Affirmations course participant 2022


"Thank you so much for this course. Every day, I was able to explore more aspects of my writing; I found the affirmations generated a newfound energy that allowed me to uncover truths in my writing. I am grateful to you for offering this course and highly recommend it to anyone." ~Andrea W., Affirmations course participant 2022

"This was exactly what I needed. It was good for my confidence and good for my soul. I looked forward to each day. Thank you, Melanie. This course was a pleasure." ~Alex B., Affirmations course participant 2022


"Thank you for another wonderful beautifully designed course. The affirmations felt like a good friend that showed up every day to support me. The 21 days were made special by starting each morning with a joyful confirmation of the gift of writing that I could carry with me and treasure in my heart. Loved it!" ~Marianne K., Affirmations course participant 2022

“This course is for anyone who needs a gentle reminder of how important they are or how worthy their work is. I have seen a lot of writers become defeated (and I have struggled with that myself!). What this course teaches is how to be your own best friend.” ~Allison M., Affirmations course participant 2022


"Wow, the Affirmations course is helping me feel more self-assured. I struggle with low self-esteem, and being a writer can be tough. My affirmations practice is something I am committed to now. It is helping a lot, and I am going to keep it going." ~Grayson B., Affirmations course participant 2022

"The affirmations are beautiful and very helpful. The course is well laid out and easy to follow. I'm very busy and don't have a lot of "free" time to invest, but in just a few minutes a day, I received a lot of value." ~Lilah J., Affirmations course participant 2022

“I highly recommend the "Affirmations for the Writer’s Soul." It fits into your schedule as it’s only a few minutes a day, but it also guides you to deep transformation by placing these affirmations in your consciousness and helping you grow comfortable with them. I gained a lot from this experience.” ~Paige K., Affirmations course participant 2022

“After taking the wonderful 21-day course, I am more aware of the way I talk to myself, and I no longer sabotage myself. As Melanie says, we all have a bright light to shine. I’m fueling my flame now and am so much more confident. Thank you, Melanie.” ~Stella P., Affirmations course participant 2022

I'm Melanie,

melanie-guide-teacher-For the Writer's Soul

Founder of For the Writer's Soul 

As a writing teacher, coach, and guide, I have spent two decades helping writers discover and embrace their amazing writer-selves. I have worked with thousands of writers from around the world, helping them overcome blocks, connect with their truth and purpose, and gain the confidence they need to step forward. I know that being a writer in the modern world can be negative and discouraging. I developed "Affirmations for the Writer's Soul" to help writers believe in themselves again... and become their own greatest cheerleaders.

Why Participate?

Positive affirmations are a simple yet powerful tool that can change the negative narrative to one that is encouraging and supportive. By changing the things we tell ourselves, focusing on the positive truths, and reminding ourselves of positivity regularly, we can build a new narrative that empowers us instead of holds us back.

How would it feel to lift yourself up on your path? What would it mean to you to believe in your amazing writer-self and trust in your beautiful potential? Make an investment in yourself today and find out what's waiting for you!

We Welcome You to Join Us!

It takes believing in yourself to write your truth. Adjust your focus toward what’s possible and build a new narrative that affirms your potential and supports your steps forward on your amazing writing journey...

Sign up for "Affirmations for the Writer's Soul"

START DATE: June 10-30, 2024

TIME: 5 minutes per day

COST: $35.00 USD

Email Melanie to be notified when our next affirmations is scheduled.

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You hold a beautiful gift within you. You are wonderful and capable. And you have what it takes to achieve your potential. It's time to reconnect with this beautiful truth and allow it to lift you up.

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