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Create your soul-fulfilled writing life. 

A nurturing space for writers to be inspired, supported, and guided on their beautiful journey.

Make a powerful investment in your writer-self. Our private Journey Membership helps writers create a writing life of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Invest 60 minutes/week and take powerful steps forward, engage in soul-lifting activities, and step forward on the path that's deeply right for you... with the support of writers working together to create the writing life you deeply love.

Journey for the Writer’s Soul is a space for writers to align with their deepest purpose and pursue their dreams and be supported along the way. On your journey, you will be guided down a beautiful path to connect with what is deeply right for you, embrace your light, and be empowered to thrive as a writer.


IMAGINE a writing life where you are writing what feels right… sharing in ways that feel good… and shining your light in ways that fulfill your soul. 

How bright can you shine? Journey for the Writer’s Soul is an invitation to find out. We invite you to journey with us and create what is possible. It's a powerful investment in your writer-self!


Doors close Sunday, April 28.

Journey for the Writer's Soul


A guided holistic program with everything you need to create your soul-fulfilled writing life: A nourishing course, expert resources, and a private community. 

Align with your purpose and potential
Gain motivation and accountability
Achieve the writing life you deeply want

Doors are currently closed.


Hosted on our safe and secure platform.

A nourishing space. 

A path you'll love.


A journey made for YOU.


Align with your most beautiful dreams and greatest potential  and become a soul-filled journeyer who creates the writing life you deeply want. 

(and love every step along the way)

 cancel anytime

Your soul-fulfilled writing life is possible... and waiting to be created.

With the resources, guidance, community, and support you’ll receive in Journey for the Writer’s Soul, you’ll be able to:​

  • Align with your purpose, bringing what you deeply want into being. 

  • Embrace what lifts you up and nurtures your soul, making use of what helps you step forward in the direction of your dreams. 

  • Tap into your greatest potential and trust the beauty inside of you, knowing that what is deeply right for you is rising up to meet you.

  • Walk a path that nourishes you and makes your heart sing so that you can love the writing life you’re creating and stepping into.

  • Explore what you’re capable of creating when you invest in yourself and step forward in the way that is deeply right for you. 


And more! When you invest in your writer-self, the sky's the limit. Let's explore what IS possible. 

Hosted on our safe and secure platform.

The cost is $24 USD /month with no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time.

What our members are saying.

"I love the easy to follow content with no strict time limit on completing, and what I love the most is that everything I have learnt so far can be applied to every part of my life. Thank you Melanie & team." ~Emma B., Journey Member

"To learn to delve deep in my heart and soul is a new and wonderful experience for me. This is exactly the inspiration that I need. The ideas and the prompts are definitely helping me on my writing journey." ~Susan B., Journey Member

"Although I have been a writer my entire adult life, I didn't realize that my writing is more than an activity or a profession; it's a reflection of my being. I am now on a journey to listen to myself so my words will better express who I am and what I need to say." ~Joyce C., Journey Member

"I write to understand myself, people, and our world. Writing connects me with emotions, deepens self-awareness, and anchors me in the present—an invaluable tool for clarity, stress relief, and creativity. Journey for the Writer's Soul has accelerated this process, offering inspiring explorations into our shared human experience." ~Helen E., Journey Member

"I am grateful to have found Journey for the Writer's Soul. In a short time, it has already helped me to align with my purpose as a writer and gain confidence to pursue what is right for me. Before joining, I was spinning my wheels. The clarity and inspiration I have gained is invaluable. This has been one of the best investments I have ever made in myself." ~Stephan B., Journey Member

"I am grateful to have re-kindled my love of writing. Melanie's program showed me a new perspective and allowed me to bring out the best of my writer-self. Thank you for all your caring, kindness, and inspiration!" ~Betty Johnson, Journey Member

"There is so much to love! I have tried many programs and communities, and this one is different. The depth, the guidance, and the incredible support is already making a huge difference in my life. I love it!" ~Stephanie Mae, Journey Member

"In a world where it can be hard to be a creative, you have lifted me up and made me believe in myself and my writing again. You are appreciated beyond measure." ~Terry Ramburg, Journey Member

"Thank you for your leadership and for pouring so much of YOU into your guidance. Working with you has been nothing short of transformative. I appreciate all you give to us." ~Grace Webb, Journey Member

What's included?

Our take-at-your-own-pace program is supplemented with weekly & monthly content to fill your needs... helping you connect with your heart and find the courage to pursue your most beautiful dreams.

Program & weekly content

Private community & events

Peer-to-peer support, insights, and inspiration helps you stay on track, achieve your goals and enjoy yourself along the way. Our membership is filled with like-minded writers who want you to succeed.

Expert guidance & resources

We believe in you, we're rooting for you... and we're behind you every step of the way. As you journey forward in ways that are right for you, we'll be lifting you up and supplying you with what you need to thrive! 


And what to expect when you join.

A Support Platform Designed for YOU

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Our holistic program combines a nourishing course, expert resources, and a private community of like-minded writers to help you align with your potential, guide you forward in ways that are right for you, and give you the support you need along the way.

FROM MELANIE STEELE, your journey guide

I’m thrilled to invite you to join me in the beautiful space I created for writers. My greatest joy comes from helping writers shine, and this journey is my dream come true. When I graduated with an MA in writing and counseling, I started teaching and quickly found my gift was helping writers… not by focusing on developing their skills (which I find are often stronger than they think and for which there are many quality resources available) but by focusing on them. For the past 20 years, I have been helping writers find, embrace, and become their best selves. I have worked with many of you in my retreats, courses, and magazine, and each step has helped prepare me to create this beautiful space where writers are welcome, lifted up, empowered, and deeply supported. I can hardly wait to work with you and see how bright you can shine when you take this journey. Email me.

You're welcome here.

We're not just a writing program. We're not only a thriving community. We're a journey for your writer's soul.

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Your membership subscription is your ticket to an amazing writing journey. Use our guided program to align with your heart and tap your potential, receive monthly bite-sized coaching modules to exercise your gift, explore fresh weekly topics with bonus challenges to stay motivated, join "in writing" meet-ups to connect and discuss transformative topics and ideas, and use creative spaces to share and celebrate with other like-minded members journeying with you. 

Our Philosophy

We believe writers are important. They have been essential throughout history, and they are especially important today, in this turbulent world. Writers have the power to make people think, feel, and move. They have the potential to heal, inspire, and lead people through important changes. 

This is a place for writers to connect and align with the gift they hold within & invest in the beauty of their dreams.

If you are a writer, we believe now is your time to shine. Trust the beauty inside of you and know that what is deeply right for you is rising up to meet you. Dream big, be brave, and believe in your greatest potential. 


If you’re ready to create the writing life that is deeply right for you, we’d love to welcome you. Our online journey for writers provides a roadmap to help you create your soul-fulfilled writing life – and supports you along the way. It is a monthly membership where you will take powerful steps forward, engage in soul-lifting activities, and shift into being empowered to thrive – alongside a vibrant, supportive community of writers who WANT to step forward with you. 

Doors are currently closed.


Questions? We're here to help! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions, send a direct chat, or email Melanie.

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