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Create your soul-fulfilled writing life. 

What if you could thrive as a writer? What if you could create what your heart and soul deeply want? How would it feel to travel a path that is right for you and helps you create a writing life you love… that lifts you up and empowers you to shine your brightest light? 

Journey for the Writer’s Soul is a space for writers who are ready to thrive. Inside this nourishing space, you will be guided down a beautiful path to your soul-fulfilled writing life. Along with a vibrant, supportive community, you will take powerful steps in line with your greatest potential, receive soul-lifting resources and tools, and be empowered to thrive on your writing journey.


IMAGINE a writing life where you are writing what feels right… sharing in ways that feel good… and shining your light in ways that fulfill your soul. 

How bright can you shine? Journey for the Writer’s Soul is an invitation to find out. As you work on creating your soul-fulfilled writing life, you’ll have at your disposal a powerful course to guide you step-by-step, helpful resources and guidance, and a supportive community lifting you up to discover what’s possible when you shine your brightest light.

Begin your journey to your soul-fulfilled writing life today! Member pricing is $25 USD /month.

(No hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time). 


Now is the time to invest in your writer-self. As a member of our Journey Circle, we will celebrate and support you… we will value your voice and lift up your words and insights… and we will help you shine your beautiful light. We believe in you, and we know our journey will be stronger with you included. 


The doors are open now, and we welcome you to join us.

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  • Special Member pricing which will never go up as long as you remain a member. The special pricing is $25 USD /month with no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time (but we hope you will love it and choose to stay a while). We work hard to keep the cost low and the value high. It is our way of honoring those who are ready to make a commitment to thrive... and invite you to step into this journey with us. 

  • Full access to all membership features, including a full take-on-demand course, meditations, classes, workbooks, and the Journey Circle community. Each month you will also unlock new practices, activities, and check-ins.

  • The chance to set yourself up to thrive in the New Year. Embrace the beauty of your dreams and start on your powerful progress right away. 

We believe in the journey we have created… and we know that what will make this extra special is YOU. We're ready to welcome you into our Journey Circle, guide you down the path that's right for you, and cheer you on as you soar in the New Year. 

We welcome you to join us and begin your journey today!

The special journey pricing is $25 USD /month

with no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time.

An Important Journey.

Many of us can see where we want to go. We know that we deeply want a writing life we love. We want to write our truth, share our work in ways that feel right to us, and allow our light to shine as bright as it can. We want to feel joyful, align with our purpose, and step into our greatest potential.


That’s what a soul-fulfilled writing life is about. It’s a way of living in which we take ourselves seriously and write with the wisdom we hold in our hearts. It’s filled with intentional actions that invest in our dreams and lift us up so that we can explore and step into what we are capable of achieving. 

The soul-fulfilled writing life is our actualization of the writer we can and deeply want to be. And it’s one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves as writers.

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If you dream of living a soul-fulfilled life as a writer, it’s time to begin. It’s time to step forward in the direction of your dreams and allow yourself to thrive.

You’re ready for Journey for the Writer’s Soul…

  • If you want to fulfill your purpose and shine your light…

  • If you long to be supported and encouraged as a writer...

  • If you want to love writing and thrive in your writing life…


This journey is for you! It's a nourishing space where you’re lifted up and empowered to step forward... supported and encouraged to connect with your heart, align with your potential, and live your best writing life.


Journey for the Writer's Soul is designed to support and guide you on your journey.

This is a space where writers come to replenish, connect, and invest in their dreams. It’s a private membership where writers actively create – and live – their soul-fulfilled writing life. We have a spot for you in this nourishing space, and we’d love to welcome you to JOIN US!

Monthly Membership Features

Journey for the Writer’s Soul offers the support you need to shift into the writing life that lifts you up and helps you shine, including:


Our beautiful new course is available exclusively inside the Journey for the Writer's Soul membership. Made up of a series of deeply nourishing and soul-affirming lessons and activities, the "Pathway" course guides you step-by-step into the writing life you want: the writing life that nurtures and fulfills you. The powerful steps include making a commitment, empowering yourself by filling your needs, bringing your heart into your practice, taking focused action, and shining your brightest light. Start immediately and work at your own pace, whenever you wish. We can’t wait to walk alongside you and see what you can do when you’re thriving in your writing life.


Gain insights and inspiration from others as you learn and share your experiences. Designed to help you give support and gain encouragement from others as you step forward, this is a safe space for you to be inspired and supported. It is hosted on a private, moderated platform where you will have access to instant chat with other members, a profile page, and several curated discussion/chat areas. Your voice, insights, and collaboration matter. Whether you choose to share every day or once a month, your community will be here for you.


Carefully and soulfully created materials help you begin and step forward on your path. Listen to guided meditations, access a library of ideas to help you bring self-care and inspiration into your daily life, complete beautiful downloadable workbooks, access an expanded members-only section of the Weekly Reflections (along with a new challenge activity, discussions, and ongoing access to your favorite reflections) and more. Our curated lessons, activities, reflections, discussions, tips, and more are available to access (and re-access) as often as you need.


Designed to help you stay on track – and feel supported along the way – our Check-Ins offer connection, guidance, and support. We meet in writing and welcome you to stop by at your convenience over the first few days of each month. In 30-60 minutes, this dedicated group coaching time will help you be re-inspired, grounded, and empowered to step forward and thrive in the month ahead.


Put the progress you’re making to work as you collaborate on a new topic in a vibrant, collaborative workshop. Over the course of three days, we will dive deep into a discussion topic and help form the words and ideas that will be the foundation for the next Words for the Writer’s Soul Magazine


Journey for the Writer's Soul is designed to be simple yet powerful and transformative. No matter how deep you want to go into creating your soul-fulfilled writing life, we will rise up to meet you with resources to explore, tips to help you overcome hurdles, and tools to empower your steps forward. We’re here because we believe in you, and our membership is filled with impactful support to help lift you up.


The doors to Journey for the Writer’s Soul are always open, and you are always welcome. Come in when it works for you, for as long as it feels right. Journey for the Writer's Soul is accessible on desktop or laptop from wherever you are, and it also has its own app for those who prefer mobile devices. We recommend spending about 60-90 minutes per week to start and then adjusting depending on what you need and what benefits you most. We have intentionally created a beautiful experience that you can access easily… so that you can focus your energy on stepping into your potential.

More about our PATHWAY COURSE

Available exclusively inside Journey for the Writer's Soul is the Pathway course, created to answer the question of HOW to create your soul-fulfilled writing life. Made up of beautiful, nourishing lessons and activities divided into steps, this course is a roadmap to help guide you into the writing life you can create.

There are five distinct steps in the Pathway course:

STEP ONE: Make a commitment and build a solid foundation from which to step forward. With a soul-affirming lesson, a beautiful activity, and tips and tools to help you overcome blocks to beginning your journey, you'll be empowered to step forward. At the end of this step, you'll be able to say, "I am committed to creating my soul-fulfilled writing life."

STEP TWO: Take care of your needs and replenish your energy by making adjustments in your life that feel right to you – in ways that empower and support you. This step is filled with beautiful resources including guided meditations, focused activities, and journaling prompts to help you go as deep as you need in order to replenish and rebalance. When you have completed this step, you will know, "I am filling my needs so that I can feel and be my best."

STEP THREE: Listen to your heart and practice trusting your heart’s guidance as you move forward into what is possible. Complete beautifully designed workbooks as you connect and bring your heart deeply into your writing practice. By the end of this step, you will be able to say: "I am listening to my heart’s wisdom and guidance."

STEP FOUR: Take action that is right for you and move forward in the direction you want to go. With a powerful lesson and activity that helps you release roadblocks, you'll be empowered to take action that is deeply right for you. After this step, you will confidently know: "I am taking actions that are aligned with the life I want."

STEP FIVE: Thrive and shine by embracing, enjoying, and living your soul-fulfilled writing life to the fullest. The lesson features powerful, customized guidance to help you thrive in ways that fulfill your heart and soul, helping you create an ongoing practice that continues to nurture and fulfill you. When you have completed this step, you will be able to say, "I am thriving as a writer and living my best writing life."

Go deep into each step or breeze through to simply collect the tools you need – the Pathway course is self-paced depending on what you need. Along the way, you'll receive bonus deep-dives, helpful guidance, and a supportive community who will be cheering you on and celebrating alongside you on your journey. 

Journey for the Writer’s Soul is filled with resources to help you thrive in your writing life.

Make use of what you need while being supported, lifted up, and guided forward on your beautiful journey. The benefits are bountiful!

Your soul-fulfilled writing life is possible.

With the course, guidance, resources, community, and support you’ll receive in Journey for the Writer’s Soul, you’ll be able to:​

  • Align with your purpose, bringing what you deeply want into being. 

  • Embrace what lifts you up and nurtures your soul, making use of what helps you step forward in the direction of your dreams. 

  • Tap into your greatest potential and trust the beauty inside of you, knowing that what is deeply right for you is rising up to meet you.

  • Walk a path that nourishes you and makes your heart sing so that you can love the writing life you’re creating and stepping into.

  • Empower yourself to thrive, lifting yourself up so you can shine your brightest light…


Explore what you’re capable of creating when you invest in yourself and step forward in the way that is deeply right for you. Your soul-fulfilled writing life is possible and within reach… and it is waiting for you to create it!

Your Guide: Melanie Steele

I’m thrilled to invite you to join me in the beautiful membership space I created for writers. My greatest joy comes from helping writers shine, and this journey is my dream come true. When I left school with an MA in writing and counseling, I started teaching and quickly found my gift was helping writers… not by focusing on developing their skills (which I find are often stronger than they think and for which there are many quality resources available) but by focusing on them. For the past 20 years, I have been helping writers find, embrace, and become their best selves. I have worked with many of you in my retreats, courses, and magazine, and each step has helped prepare me to create this beautiful place where writers are welcome, lifted up, empowered, and deeply supported. I can hardly wait to work with you and see how bright you can shine when you take this journey. Email me.

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"Thank you for your leadership and for pouring so much of YOU into your guidance. Working with you has been nothing short of transformative. I appreciate all you give to us."


~ Grace Webb

You are welcome here. 

This journey is for you. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and create your soul-fulfilled writing life, we’re ready to welcome you and step forward alongside you. 

Begin where you are. We all come from different places with different experiences and goals. But we have something beautiful in common: we are all ready to thrive as writers. This journey helps writers of all backgrounds, skills, and genres to align with their potential and step forward on their path. No matter where you are starting from, you can benefit from this journey that is designed to help you create your soul-fulfilled writing life. 


Take as much (or as little) time as you need. We designed this journey to fit into your life and schedule. Plan on spending at least one hour per week in order to make progress on your journey. Make use of the materials as often as you’d like depending on what you need and what feels right to you. You may leave the membership at any time, although we hope you’ll get to know us and stay a while. Our goal is to help you thrive in the writing life you love. Let’s meet that goal together!

Participate in the way that feels right to you. No two writers are the same, and we don’t expect your journey to be, either. Whether you want to quietly take it all in and step forward in your own way, or you want to tune in to discussions and share your ideas and inspiration with others, you’re welcome here! There is no pressure and no expectations other than putting your heart into it, treating yourself (and others) with respect, and doing what feels right for you. We’re here to support you.

Questions? We're here to help! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or email Melanie.

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Journey for the Writer’s Soul is an invitation to explore what you hold in your heart and step toward what is deeply right for you. It’s an invitation to shine

Join us for the journey!

If you’re ready to create the writing life that is deeply right for you, we’re ready to welcome you. Our online journey for writers provides a roadmap to help you create your soul-fulfilled writing life – and supports you along the way. It is a monthly membership where you will take powerful steps forward, engage in soul-lifting activities, and shift into being empowered to thrive – alongside a vibrant, supportive community of writers stepping forward with you. 


We welcome you to join us. The cost is $25 USD /month with no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time (but we hope you will take off your coat and stay a while).


Are you ready to begin your journey?

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