Joy: the magic ingredient that makes you enjoy writing. When you’ve got it, it’s a pleasure. You look forward to sitting down to write, and it feels good to tap your truth and let your words flow. But if joy is absent, your beautiful gift can start to feel like a chore – or a burden.


Filled with joy, you feel on top of the world. You gain happiness and fulfillment from writing, and you’re in turn able to bring your best when you sit down to write. You embrace your gift and love being able to write your truth.

Common symptoms of depleted joy include dread, procrastination, and doubt in whether your gift is really a “gift” at all. If left unfilled, lack of joy can hold you back from stepping forward on your journey – and from enjoying the writing process.

In order to move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be, you need to replenish your joy levels.

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An important part of your journey as a writer — and a worthwhile gift to your writer-self — is to access and embrace your source of joy.


How do you know you need joy?

A lack of joy can feel like a cloud blocking the sun and dimming your light. You might find yourself putting it off or making excuses to avoid writing. When you write, you might feel bored or distracted, or it might seem like you’re just going through the motions. You know deep down that you want to write, but the act of doing so brings little pleasure.

Long term, low levels of joy can take the spark out of your writing, lead to resentment, and even tempt you to give up writing altogether.

Filling your need.

There are abundant opportunities for joy around and within – available for you to tap into. With a few intentional steps, you can access the support you hold within and gain the joy you need.

Let's begin together!


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When it comes to the need to increase joy, we get it. The key is intention — actively seek perspectives, actions, and outlooks that support your writer-self and provide the added joy you need.



Shift your perspective. Develop a healthy perspective by taking notice of opportunities for joy within the moments of your day. Start small, seeking joy in regular places and small moments. Tap the joy you find and hold it close. When you notice joy fleeting, acknowledge it, take a few deep breaths, and shift your focus to what fills you with energy and makes you feel good.



Make lifestyle adjustments. Be positive and adventurous. Look at the moments of your day as opportunities to create and expand joy. What feels good and right to you? What helps you tap into the amazingness of who you are and the beautiful light you hold within? Surround yourself with positivity and choose activities and experiences that help you shine.



Develop a joyful outlook. Expect to see beauty and light around you and use it as a starting place to welcome and increase joy in your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and when you align with what makes you feel good, you can step forward in line with your purpose. By surrounding yourself with what lifts you up and makes you smile, you empower your writer-self to enjoy the journey.

Recommended resources for joy.

Boosting Joy for the Writer's Soul is an on-demand course that helps you shift your perspective, make small lifestyle adjustments, and develop a joyful outlook so you can tap into the joy you need to thrive. 

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5-Week Reset for the Writer's Soul is a nurturing online course with five empowering steps to help you restore what has been depleted and revitalize your amazing writer-self... so your brightest light can shine.

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She found joy and wonder in every little thing.

And joy and wonder always found her.

~Katrina Mayer