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Window with Plant


A guided meditation to help you connect with your amazing writer-self.

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Please take five minutes to listen to the guided meditation above, designed to help you connect with the gift you hold within. These five minutes should be spent in a quiet spot where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. Maybe that spot is at your computer, in your bedroom, or outside. You decide. Just make sure you'll be comfortable and undisturbed for the full five minutes as you listen to the audio. Listening with headphones is preferable but not required.

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Like a dusty window, doubt and uncertainty can keep us from seeing the truth we hold within — and from experiencing the inspiration and joy that can come from writing. Help yourself to connect to your purpose by choosing to remove what keeps you from seeing your potential and the opportunities available to you.

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 HELPFUL TIP: Consider making this meditation part of your morning routine to help deepen and maintain your connection to your amazing writer-self.

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