Focusing on ourselves is not only necessary for our physical and emotional wellbeing – it’s an essential ingredient to thriving as a writer and loving the journey. When our needs are met, we’re free to be our best and explore what we love. But if self-care is neglected, it can feel like our inner light is flickering and unable to shine.


When replenished, you feel positive and energized to write your best. You’re in the flow and thriving. You make use of your gifts and exercise your ability.

Common symptoms of the need to replenish through self-care include low energy, lack of motivation, and a feeling that you’re falling short of your potential. If ignored, this can lead to missed opportunities and dissatisfaction with the writing journey.

In order to move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be, you need to replenish and tend to your needs.

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An important part of your journey as a writer — and a worthwhile gift to your writer-self — is to replenish your energy and restore your natural vitality.

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How do you know you need self-care?

The need for self-care can feel like trying to keep a candle lit in a windstorm. You might find that your energy is depleted and you’re struggling to stay on course, or you might be thinking about turning around and stepping off the writing path altogether. You might know deep down that you want to write, but you don’t have the time, the energy, or the will to step forward in the way that you know is right for you. You have a beautiful light within you, but you don’t feel capable of shining it.


Long term, a lack of self-care can result in writing that is incomplete and lead to lack of fulfillment in writing.


Filling your need.

You already have the key ingredient to fill your need for more self-care you! With a few intentional steps, you can provide yourself with care and support to fill your need.

Let's begin together!


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When it comes to the need for self-care, we get it. The key is intention — actively seek perspectives, actions, and outlooks that support your writer-self and fill your need for more self-care.



Shift your perspective. Develop a healthy perspective by acknowledging your needs – and recognizing that it’s not only okay but necessary that you fill them. Putting yourself last won’t make your needs go away. Start prioritizing yourself and your needs. Doing so sends a clear message that you’re investing in your writer-self and setting yourself up for success.



Make lifestyle adjustments. Be thoughtful and nurturing. Check in with yourself often and be sensitive to cues and messages you may hear. Create opportunities for rest and embrace moments that nurture your mind, body, and soul. What feels good and replenishing to you? Step in that direction, thanking yourself for every act of self-love – beautiful, necessary gifts to fill you up.



Develop a supportive outlook. Self-care is an ongoing task that gives back much more than it takes. Know that you are meant to be replenished, and that life is filled with opportunities to recharge, nurture, and fill your needs. Seek the opportunities available to you and step into them, absorbing the nourishment, rest, and rejuvenation you need to deeply care for your writer-self and step forward on your amazing journey.

Recommended resources for self-care.

Boosting Self-Care for the Writer's Soul is an on-demand course that helps you shift your perspective, make small lifestyle adjustments, and develop a supportive outlook so you can provide yourself with the nurturing care you need to thrive. 

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5-Week Reset for the Writer's Soul is a nurturing online course with five empowering steps to help you restore what has been depleted and revitalize your amazing writer-self... so your brightest light can shine.

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Self-care is never a selfish act — it is simply good stewardship.

~Parker Palmer