For the Writer’s Soul is dedicated to supporting and inspiring writers. Our engaging online writing activities, free weekly guided meditations, and virtual writing retreats help writers dispel the myths that hold them back, find their passion and their voice, and embrace the writer they can and should be.

For the Writer's Soul Current Offerings:

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Monday Meditations

Embrace and cultivate your writer-self with a free guided meditation delivered to your inbox each Monday

As writers, we're used to giving of ourselves rather than giving to ourselves. Get back in touch with what matters, nurture your writer-self, and let your light shine. Make the commitment to incorporate weekly Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul into your life, and see what this gift can do for you. 

We invite you to join thousands of other writers who have signed up for free Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul, and we'll deliver a link to a new 5-minute guided meditation to you every week.

Get Your First Meditation on Monday!

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5-Week Reset for the Writers Soul

Are you ready to fill your needs, regain your strength, and let your amazing light shine? Join us for a 5-week course to revitalize your writer-self.

5-Week Reset for the Writer's Soul is about refilling what has been depleted. It's about regaining your natural vitality so your brightest light can shine.


In this replenishing online course, you’ll learn to fill your needs and regain the strength and energy to write your truth — to fully and joyfully express your amazing writer-self.

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Retreat for the Writer's Soul

If you’re a writer, if you’re driven and compelled to write, then write you must... and write you should. You should embrace and cultivate your writer-self. No matter what the outside world says.

That’s what "Retreat for the Writer's Soul" is about. It's about dispelling the myths and hurdles that hold you back, learning to acknowledge and accept your writer-self, and choosing to truly and deeply express your truth.

In this 14-day nurturing, inspiring online retreat, you’ll take a journey of healing, appreciation, and inspiration. Over the course of two weeks, you’ll learn to become more authentic, free, and inspired to speak the truth you hold within you.

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