Clarity gives us the ability to see where we want to go – and how to get there. When we’ve got it, we’re stepping forward in the direction that’s right for us. We're beautifully in sync with our truth and stepping into our potential. But if clarity is clouded, it can feel like you’re lost at sea, struggling to catch sight of the horizon.


With clarity, you know what – and how – you want to write. You feel like you’re in the flow, expressing yourself and speaking the truth you hold within.

Common symptoms of lack of clarity include confusion, wasted time and energy, and a feeling of missing the mark. If left unfilled, lack of clarity can hold you back from writing what you truly want – and from meeting your potential.

In order to move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be, you need to regain clarity.

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An important part of your journey as a writer — and a worthwhile gift to your writer-self — is to move past the clutter and focus in.


How do you know you need clarity?

Lack of clarity can feel like a deep fog surrounding your writing voice. You might find yourself waiting to figure out what to write, or you might keep changing directions, struggling to find a good fit. The words you write might be okay, but they don’t feel like they’re hitting the mark – or that you’re truly expressing your truth.


Long term, lack of clarity can result in writing that is incomplete and lead to lack of fulfillment or dissatisfaction in writing.


Filling your need.

You hold within you a natural compass that is aligned with your purpose. With a few intentional steps, you can access the direction you hold within and gain the clarity you need.

Let's begin together!


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When it comes to the need for clarity, we get it. The key is intention — actively seek perspectives, actions, and outlooks that support your writer-self and fill your need for more clarity.



Shift your perspective. Develop a healthy perspective by recognizing that the modern world is filled with distractions. With all the demands on our time, energy, and focus, it's no wonder clarity can be elusive! Lack of clarity is not an indicator of the purpose or talent you possess, but rather a signal that you need to sift through the clutter and reconnect with your truth. 



Make lifestyle adjustments. Be mindful and focused. Look inward and trust your intuition to alert and guide you. When faced with choices, ask yourself what feels right and step in line with your truth rather than what others may expect of you. Push distractions to the side and embrace what you know in your heart is right – holding on tight to that connection as you step.



Develop a clearer outlook. Clarity is like a well-marked path that helps you find your way and stay on course. Knowing that you have an inner compass is key. Be confident that you can find the way that is right for you. By tuning in and aligning with what you know in your heart is the way forward, you can step with confidence, honoring and giving voice to the truth your writer-self wants to express.

Recommended resource for clarity.

Boosting Clarity for the Writer's Soul helps you shift your perspective, make small lifestyle adjustments, and develop a clearer outlook so you can boost and strengthen the clarity you need.

Our beautifully-designed on-demand course (with a downloadable PDF option) empowers you to provide your writer-self with what you need to move past the blocks and into a place where you can thrive. 

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Clarity comes from knowing what you want and moving in the direction of it. Your soul is guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

~Sue Krebs