Confidence: the inner support system that cheers you on and encourages you to write courageously from the soul. When you’ve got it, you’re empowered to express your truth and step forward on your writing journey. But if confidence is lacking, it can feel like your opportunity is over before it even begins.


Filled with confidence, you feel ready to take on the world. You believe what you have to say matters, and you’re empowered to write what’s in your heart. You embrace your gift and trust yourself to write your truth

Common symptoms of depleted confidence levels include fear, procrastination, and doubt in your ability. If left unfilled, lack of confidence can hold you back from stepping forward on your journe and from enjoying the writing process.

In order to move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be, you need to fill up your confidence levels.

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An important part of your journey as a writer — and a worthwhile gift to your writer-self — is to gain the strength and confidence you need to step into your potential and let your light shine.


How do you know you need confidence?

A lack of confidence can feel like a weight holding you back from your potential. You might find yourself putting it off or making excuses to avoid writing. When you write, you might doubt its worth, feel like an imposter, or dread the prospect of actually sharing your work. The words are within you, ready to be written but it’s a struggle to let them out and allow them to shine.

Long term, low confidence levels can stifle your writing, lead to regret, and even tempt you to give up writing altogether.

Filling your need.

Lack of confidence can have deep-rooted causes and be a challenge to refill completely, but with a few intentional steps, you can access tools to help you free yourself from limiting doubt within the moment and set you up to rebuild the confidence you need.

Let's begin together!


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When it comes to the need for confidence, we get it. The key is intention — actively seek perspectives, actions, and outlooks that support your writer-self and fill your need for more confidence.



Shift your perspective. Develop a healthy perspective by shifting your focus away from what hurts your confidence and toward what lifts you up. Letting doubts run freely through your mind and body only makes it worse. When you notice yourself being dragged down, acknowledge it, take a few deep breaths, and shift your focus to something that makes you feel good about yourself.



Make lifestyle adjustments. Be positive and mindful. Look at the moments of your day as an opportunity to realign with your truth and step out into the light. What gives you strength? What helps you remember the beauty of who you are and the amazing light you hold within? Surround yourself with positivity and choose activities and experiences that help you shine.



Develop a confident outlook. Lack of confidence is something that affects you; it’s not who you are. Being able to separate the truth of your self-worth from the insecurity that strikes is key. Know that you are more than the thoughts of doubt that plague you. By recognizing and believing that you have value and ability beyond the doubts you face, you empower your writer-self to step forward on your journey.

Recommended resource for confidence.

Boosting Confidence for the Writer's Soul helps you shift your perspective, make small lifestyle adjustments, and develop a more confident outlook so you can access and strengthen the confidence you need.

Our beautifully-designed on-demand course (with a downloadable PDF option) empowers you to provide your writer-self with what you need to move past the blocks and into a place where you can thrive. 

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Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.

~Samuel Johnson