Inspiration: the coveted driver of tapping creativity and writing from the soul. When we’ve got it, we’re connected with our writer-selves, freely creating and expressing our truth. But if inspiration is lost, even temporarily, it can feel like a boulder was dropped in the middle of your creative flow. 

When inspired, you feel connected and empowered to write your best. You have ideas and enjoy writing. You make use of your gifts and exercise your ability.

Common symptoms of low inspiration include frustration, wasted time and energy, and doubt in your ability. If left unfilled, lack of inspiration can hold you back from writing your best and from enjoying the journey.

In order to move forward with tapping into your potential and being the best writer you can be, you need to regain inspiration.

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An important part of your journey as a writer — and a worthwhile gift to your writer-self — is to tap into the inspiration available to you.


How do you know you need inspiration?

A lack of inspiration can feel like a big weight stifling your creative spirit. You might find yourself wondering when your spark of creativity will return and get the words flowing, or you might know what you want to write but can’t find the energy to begin. The words you write might be okay, but they don’t feel like they’re your best or that you’re truly expressing yourself the way you know in your heart you could.


Long term, a lack of inspiration can produce writing that is unfulfilling and lead to a lack of motivation and interest in writing.

Filling your need.

Inspiration exists in abundance around and within us. With a few intentional steps, you can tap into what's available to you so that you can fill your need for more inspiration.

Let's begin together!


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When it comes to the need for inspiration, we get it. The key is intention — actively seek perspectives, actions, and outlooks that support your writer-self and fill your need for more inspiration.



Shift your perspective. Develop a healthy perspective by letting yourself know that it’s okay if you feel uninspired. It happens to all of us. Harping on it or using it to beat yourself up is counterproductive. Use that energy to re-inspire yourself instead! When you find yourself feeling uninspired, acknowledge it, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that it is not a measure of your worth or ability.



Make lifestyle adjustments. Be spontaneous and adventurous. Look at the world around you as a big opportunity to discover and tap into inspiration. Open your eyes and look around, aligning yourself with what calls to you. What do you feel drawn to? What draws your attention and resonates with you? Don’t overthink it. Instead, allow your heart to lead you to the connections you need – and allow inspiration to enter.



Develop an inspired outlook. Inspiration is like a cup that can be emptied and filled. Being able to recognize when you need to fill the cup and being open to the inspiration available to you is key. Know that you can feel inspired again. By recognizing and believing in your ability to tap into inspiration and pull benefits from it, your writer-self is empowered to step forward on your amazing writing journey.

Recommended resource for inspiration.

Boosting Inspiration for the Writer's Soul helps you shift your perspective, make small lifestyle adjustments, and develop an inspired outlook so you can gather and tap the inspiration you need.

Our beautifully-designed on-demand course (with a downloadable PDF option) empowers you to provide your writer-self with what you need to move past the blocks and into a place where you can thrive. 

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