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Monday Meditations

Embrace and cultivate your writer-self with a free guided meditation delivered to your inbox each week.

As writers, we're used to giving of ourselves rather than giving to ourselves. Get back in touch with what matters, nurture your writer-self, and let your light shine. Make the commitment to incorporate weekly Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul into your life, and see what this gift can do for you.


Every Monday, you will find an email waiting for you with a link to the meditation. You will need to set aside 5 minutes sometime throughout your day and have a quiet spot to listen and reflect. The meditation also includes an optional journaling prompt to help you incorporate the topic into your life. Each Monday Meditation will be available to access as often as you'd like for a full seven days. 


We believe writers are important. They have been essential throughout history, and they are especially important today, in this turbulent world. Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul is our gift to you, to help you nurture, strengthen, and support your amazing writer-self. 


By signing up for Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul, you are making an investment in your writer-self, and you're worth it! Sign up for free today!


"Monday Meditations are a great way for me to start my week. Quick (only 5 min), convenient (You can access all week), and free. Thank you Melanie!" - Dawn K. 

"Thank you so much for the weekly inspiration and peace."  - Sara B. 

"The guided meditations are perfect for me. It's a perfect start to my week that helps me align with what's important to me and stay focused throughout the week."  - Scott P. 

Finding Beauty
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We invite you to join hundreds of other writers who have signed up for free Monday Meditations for the Writer's Soul, and we'll deliver a link to a new 5-minute guided meditation to you every week. Invest in your amazing writer-self with guided meditations that offer weekly inspiration, insight, and support for your writer's soul. You're worth it!

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Your Guide

Melanie has spent years helping people find, embrace, and become their best selves. She has over 12 years of teaching and coaching experience, and she has been guiding writers through Retreat for the Writer's Soul for more than 6 years. Through these guided meditations, she provides a beautiful combination of support, guidance, and inspiration. Contact Melanie: Melanie@forthewriterssoul.com