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Boosting self-care for the writers soul

A beautifully designed on-demand course that is enjoyable and powerful for your amazing writer-self.

Boost Your Self-Care

with an on-demand course for writers

Resource for boosting self-care for writers

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Boosting Self-Care for the Writer’s Soul is an on-demand course with a printable PDF option designed to help you fill your need for more self-care. The heart-led activities, writing prompts, and helpful guidance can deeply and naturally boost self-care for your amazing writer-self.

An important step on your journey

Self-care is one of the key components of a healthy, balanced writer-self. When self-care is neglected, it can feel like your inner light is flickering and unable to shine, leading to low energy, lack of motivation, and a feeling that you’re falling short of your potential. 

This on-demand course was designed to help you fill your need for more self-care, regain your balance, and be replenished to step forward on your writing journey.

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Start Boosting Your Self-Care Now

This nourishing on-demand course includes:

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Tips, writing prompts, and 21 lifestyle recipes to help you incorporate self-care into your day-to-day life.

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A 5-minute audio meditation to help you align and open your heart (and soul!) to building self-care.

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Unlimited online access and a downloadable PDF version of the course to print and use as often as you need.

Boosting Self-Care for the Writer’s Soul is packed with tools and exercises to help you make the mindset and lifestyle shifts you need to increase self-care in your life. All you need is an open heart, 5-30 minutes per day, and a commitment to boosting self-care for your writer-self. 


Founder of For the Writer's Soul 

I'm Melanie,

As a writing teacher, coach, and guide, I have spent over a dozen years helping writers discover and embrace their amazing writer-selves. I have worked with thousands of writers from around the world, helping them overcome blocks, connect with their truth and purpose, and gain the self-care they need to step forward. If you could use a boost of self-care, I welcome you to try Boosting Self-Care for the Writer’s Soul and see what it can do for you.

Ready to get started?

Get instant access to Boosting Self-Care for the Writer’s Soul, and start making use of it today. All materials are yours to keep and available to access (and return to) whenever you need a boost of self-care to help support your amazing writer-self. 

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One-time purchase: $22 USD

(Unlimited Access)