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NEED right now?



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Tune in to your need.

Take a deep breath in. Ask yourself what is holding you back. What is depleted? Standing in your way? What needs to be refilled so your writer-self can thrive?


As writers, we all have needs from time to time.


We've developed resources for the most common needs writers face. If one (or more) calls to you, we welcome you to click through and begin your journey of filling your need. Our supportive tips, helpful guidance, and curated materials can help you to regain your balance and step in line with your beautiful potential. It is a valuable gift to your writer-self — and you're worth it!

What do you need most right now? Let's work together to fill it.
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I need to boost confidence and believe in myself again.
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I need to gain clarity on what is right for me.
soft background-boosting-inspiration-writer
I need to feel inspired and connect with my passion.
soft background-boosting-selfcare-writer
I need to focus on self-care and replenish my energy.
soft background-boosting-joy-writer
I need to access more joy and love writing again.
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Let's refill what has been depleted.

  1. Ask yourself what your writer-self needs most.

  2. Explore the resources, tips, and materials we created to help you replenish.

  3. Enjoy the process of filling your needs, regaining your balance, and empowering yourself to step forward on your amazing writing path.


You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars...

~Harriet Tubman​